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i-Search (Intl) is your recruitment partner. We offer you the local and international recruitment. Our platform is all about delivering on your career and recruitment requirements, goals and expectations to our candidates.

We offer you both Job Search and Job Ads with a comprehensive database of current, up-to-date vacancies across all disciplines and industries, a dream job for career seekers is at the tip of their fingers.


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We have cultivated an organizational culture filled with consultants who truly care about your business. We take a very consultative approach and view our work with you as a long-term partnership. Our recruitment specialists are equipped with the right skill sets to help you find the right candidates in the following areas.

Executive/ Senior Management

General Management
Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Engineering, IT, etc.

Industry Coverage

Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Food and Food Ingredients, Consumer Goods, FMCG, Electronics, Industrial, Hospitality, Logistics, Trading, Retails, IT, Telecommunication, etc.


Job Ads

We service clients in various industries and disciplines. We are committed to bringing career seekers and employers closer in the rapidly evolving job market. We provide both local and international recruitment platform to enable recruiters to advertise effectively and career seekers to find their ideal jobs.


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